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Sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty! 

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Episode 19 - Social Media &


Once again, Chris and Ralph discuss the wacky world of what's enough and what's too much of social media getting in the way of your job...and life.

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Licking Non-Vanilla is a sex-positive hour of talk about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. So pull up your favorite easy chair and a cup of hot cocoa, and the lube, and sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty... on Licking Non-Vanilla, with your hosts

Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian. 

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Ralph Greco, Jr. is a professional writer of blogs, columns, reviews, interviews, fiction, poetry, songs, SEO copy and one-acts plays for both mainstream and adult clients.

Ralph’s short fiction (erotic and ‘straight’) poetry and essays have been published in eight countries, in major market magazines and small press, in various anthologies and single-author short story collections.

Ralph’s one-acts plays have as much been published in a complete collection as they have been produced across the U.S. His self-penned/self-produced “Salacious Songs and Dirty Words,” theatre show has been performed off Broadway in New York City (so ‘off’ the theaters were almost in NJ!)


Ralph is also an ASCAP-licensed songwriter and recording artist and with fellow writer, M. Christian, teaches classes across the US at kink conventions.

Join Ralph and M.Christian every two weeks for the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast, and please visit the Licking Non-Vanilla blog at

Learn more about Ralph at


Associate Producer

M.Christian has had stories in Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica ... and many magazines and websites too numerous to name.  

His erotic short fiction has been collected into books such as Dirty Words, Filthy Boys, Bodywork, Rude Mechanicals, The Bachelor Machine, Skin Effect, Hard Drive, and many others.  But M.Christian has other tricks up his literary sleeve: in addition to writing, he is a prolific and respected anthologist, having edited 25 anthologies. ​

Additionally, his novels include the erotic romance Brushes; the science fiction erotic novel Painted Doll and the gay horror thrillers Fingers Breadth and Me2.

Currently, M.Christian is a Senior Columnist for Future Of Sex, which provides “insights into the fascinating topic of the future of human sex and sexuality."

Join M.Christian and Ralph Greco, Jr. every two weeks for the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast, and please visit the Licking Non-Vanilla blog at


Learn more about M.Christian at


Executive Producer 

Hosts & Creators




Episode 1- Welcome to Licking Non-Vanilla!

Episode 2 - Erotica vs. Porn

As the great debate rages on over what exactly erotica is, and what porn is, Licking Non-Vanilla hosts M.Christian and Ralph Greco, Jr. discuss the differences between the two…as well as the similarities. You say potato, they say…hell, shut up about these damn potatoes already and listen in! 

Episode 4 - As Technology Intrudes

Hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian dip just the tip into the discussion of how digital and technology intrudes, good and bad, on the naughty stuff of our culture.

Episode 6 - How To Write Porn For Fun & Profit

Ralph and Chris take a deep dive into the highs and lows of being an erotic writer...and how its not so different a job from what you do.

Episode 8 - From Porn in the 90's, Boogie Nights and Burt Reynolds...and Anal

Chris and Ralph take the entire show to make merry with the hilarious and stunning Octavia Hunter. With a new memoir, her stories of times on famous mainstream movie sets as well as spilling (and we do mean 'spill;) porn's biggest secrets, and a website to help empower women, this is a full hour deep diving into Octavia's ribald past as well as her now.

Episode 10 - Publishing and Kinks, time well spent.

Chris and Ralph talk publishing, then the wide world of kink on this one-on-one, guest free show.

Episode 12 - Ralph & Chris talk with adult film star Lance Hart

Lance's sex-positive attitude to all he does (and the many genders he does it with) is such a breath of fresh air! Chris and Ralph get the skinny on what this well-hung, multiple-award winning adult movie star has to say.

Episode 14 - The Keys to the Kinkdom

Chris and Ralph dangle the keys to the kingdom over their faithful listeners on this episode, introducing the hows',why, where and how to's for anybody just starting to explore a kink.

Episode 16 - Bella Throne, Corona and the Healing Power of Dominance and Submission

Chris and Ralph speak with Chloe and Mistress Mae Ling about these subjects and more...

Episode 18 - Presidents Being Naughty: Why People of Privilege Can Be Such Perverts

Chris & Ralph talk the long and dirty doing of U.S. presidents, cults and why celebrities can do the salacious stuff they do.

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Episode 3 - How and Why to be a Sex Writer

Hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian describe themselves as “noble hacks,” and you will learn how they both started writing naughty words…and how you might be able to do it, too!

Episode 5 - Ralph & Chris talk to their first call-in guest ever, Miss Ava, of The Sissy Parlor

Hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian talk to their first ever call-in guest, Miss Ava, of The Sissy Parlor. The trio manages a round of questions about feminization, the positive nature of kinks, and all the good the wonderful Miss Ava does.

Episode 7 - Talking Clips4Sale with Neil...owner of Clips4Sale

Ralph & Chris talk to Neil, the owner of the massively- popular porn download site, Clips4Sale. Here's a solid conversation of all things porn, how Neil got started, as well as how he maintains, through complete transparency with creators and their audience, his wonderful and popular site. Later, Chris and Ralph expound on the good and bad of content creation.

Episode 9 - Talking with Bridget from

Ralph & Chris have a talk with Bridget from HotMovies. She discusses her editing and writing at the massive porn movie portal, what she looks for in the people who write for her (which Chris and Ralph do on a regular basis) and all the new technology has for customers looking through the many naughty films the site has.

Episode 11 - Conversation with

Lisa Weinberger of

Chris and Ralph talk with internet marketing guru Lisa Weinberger of and learn of her adventures working for adult business as well as mainstream. And then we the boys 'geek out' to naughty Stanley Kubrick movies.

Episode 13 - Good, bad and unusual sex talk with Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

Speaking to noted sexologist, sex therapist, broadcaster and author, Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey, Ralph and Chris learn the difference between the myths and true nature of good sexual health.

Episode 15 - Oh, What a Wonderfully Sexy World it is When We Can Be Open!

The boys talk to Sarah Sloane, sex, kink, relationship educator and coach and the director of operations & communications at the dating app

Episode 17 - Erotic Author Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Ralph & Chris speak to erotic author Marilyn Jaye Lewis about all the many things she has her hands in, then they offer a brief run down of some of the dirtier movies they enjoy.

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